About the Artist

Becki Moylan

A childhood love of art followed by a growing up life of detours, adventures and misadventures brings me full circle with a return to creating art. 

I love to use repurposed, reclaimed, recycled pieces..."bits" that have a story and an energy of their own...a graphite covered ruler that has been used over and over bears the energy of a struggle to learn, to get the numbers right..."to measure up".  A subway token that has passed through countless hands and is witness to many travels and emotions...was it in someone's pocket as they turned it round and round contemplating their next stop in life?  A daily routine?  An adventure?  The juxtaposition of mixing the old with the new...a worn wing nut and a shiny gemstone...the utilitarian with an object of beauty helps to add a message or a story to each piece of jewelry.  My own energy is added as I turn the bits round and round-add them-take them off- add them again and rearrange them until I have achieved symmetry.

Positive messages and the power of positive thinking are laced through the pieces using "bits".  The bits are symbolic of life's journey, our human/spiritual self and the duality of our uniqueness and our sameness to others.  The jewelry serves to remind us of the power of our thoughts and beliefs and the mind/body connection.  As we wear these pieces we are adding our own energy to them...layer upon layer, connecting us all. 




*Many of my pieces contain bits of Silly Billy's Green Belt* (SBGB*).  This magic belt has been used to save two lives including the time it pulled a stranded hang glider to safety. After it outlived it's usefulness as a belt, Bill cut it into pieces and gave them to his friends as a protection talisman.  Imbedded in some of the charms are threads from the belt ... a talisman to help keep you safe.



Gather up to 6 of your friends and enjoy a private class. Becki will take you through crafting an original creation of your own. Class offerings include reclaimed treasure necklace, creating focal charms and assembling your own amulet or talisman. Or design your own class!

Custom Work

Let Becki reinvent a piece for you made from your unused jewelry and special bits and charms you have collected. Or bring your ideas for a piece and have it designed and created specifically for you!

Host an in-home Party

Invite your friends to a private jewelry party at your home and receive hostess benefits.

*10% off show party sales total on your purchase.
*Purchase up to 2 items at half price.
*Book a party with one or more of your guests and receive a $50 credit to be used at a future party.